A-League fans forced to hit the road for grand final

When it comes to passion Western Sydney Wanderers fans are hard to beat.


Their desire not to miss what could be the club’s first ever grand final victory when the team plays Adelaide United on Sunday has seen thousands forced to carpool and in some cases hire coaches.

Hektik Hektor, as he’s known by Wanderers fans, has booked two 50-seat vehicles and he’s managed to fill both.

“We’re buzzing, it’s so close to this huge road trip. Bring it on,” he told SBS News.

The reason many fans couldn’t get seats on planes was two-fold.

Ticket prices had started to skyrocket as demand went through the roof, and flights were soon filled to capacity.

Jeff Walsh is taking the journey from Sydney to Adelaide by car. 

He’s driving because he didn’t want to pay the $2,000 that was being asked for a return ticket at one stage.

“People were noticing it was going up on their phones during the game, ” he told SBS News.

It takes just under 15 hours to drive from Sydney to Adelaide and that’s not counting stops. 

But if their club manages to deliver a maiden A-League title on Sunday afternoon, the road trip will all just be part of the fun.

“We’re buzzing, it’s so close to this huge road trip. Bring it on.”

Keegan Dunford managed to score a plane ticket because his mum was hovering over the computer at home during the dramatic 5-4 extra time victory over Brisbane. 

But even though he’s traveling in relative luxury compared to some of his fellow fans, a Monday off work may be needed to deal with the fallout from celebrations should Wanderers win.

“Work could be postponed – sorry guys,” he told SBS News.

Whoever wins on Sunday at Adelaide Oval, grand final history will be made with both Adelaide and the Wanderers looking to bring home their first A-League crown.

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